What is community and economic development?

Community and economic development are part of PCF’s credo because we believe they are essential to the progress of our state.   Community development empowers individuals by giving them the skills and healthy environment(s) they need in order to create positive change in their lives.  Our M-PaTH program and Moving Ideas to Market program are just two of the many projects that help Michiganders become more successful in their lives. 

Similarly, economic development improves the quality of life for the people of Michigan by increasing the standard of living.  PCF’s Export/Import project and Iraq initiative are examples of how we are working to diversify Michigan’s economy and promote its long-term growth.  Economic and community development go hand-in-hand at PCF because we believe that both will contribute to the success and sustainability of the state.

Are you a government agency?

The Prima Civitas Foundation is not a government agency; we are a 501 (c) (3) designated nonprofit.  We work closely with many government organizations and officials to find non-partisan solutions for the state’s current challenges.

What does “Prima Civitas” mean?

Prima Civitas (pronounced PREE*ma  SIV*i*tas) is a Latin noun that means "First State" or "First Nation." This definition perfectly illustrates our goal of accelerating Michigan’s transition towards a knowledge economy– which often starts at the community level.